“Make food simple and let things taste of what they are.” (Maurice Edmond Sailland)

We are proud to present our menu that has a blend of our signature dishes, created with a modern flair without forgetting our heritage. Only carefully selected fresh local fish and produce from our surrounding villages are used in the preparation of our menu.


Tartarun’s wine selection consists of bottles coming from some of the best wine regions in the world. The wines are kept in a cellar that enables the proper maturation and to be enjoyed at the right temperature.

Whether it is an exquisite Bordeaux Red or an uncomplicated New World White, compliment your meal with one of our selected wines, chosen to be enjoyed by wine drinkers of all levels of appreciation.


The wine list consists of more than 150 labels. These wines are selected to create a varied list for the enjoyment and exploration of a large spectrum of wines. Although a large portion of the winelist is dedicated to red wines, a big emphasis is given to white wines as this style is traditionally best paired with our cuisine. This approach has given us the motivation to stock a number of wines temporary to offer more choice and value to our patrons. This means that some of our wines will be available until stocks last.


We are proud to present an exclusive house bought directly from the winemakers of Azienda Agricola Inama. This family run winery produces some of the best Soaves, pioneering wines such as the Vulcaia Fume and grows the amazing Carmenere grape. The Foscarino area, which is in the heart of the slopes that pins Soave and Colli Berici, are private owned vineyards, where organic practices make their incredible wines.